Philosophical Base

Aiga Atia'e Pasefika family trust's Programmes are committed towards supporting sharing and educating Pacific families experiencing hardship and cultural alienation to achieve harmony, improving skills and success / welbeing for Pasefika Aiga in the South Auckland region.

 Some of Our Guiding Principle

"O matua o faiaoga muamua o fanau" - Parents are children's first teachers.

" O au o matua fanau" - Children are parents precious.

   A'oa'o le tama e tusa ai ma ona ala a o'o ina matua ele te'a ese ai lava.

Prevention of Abuse of Children and Young People:  AIga Atia'e Pasefika Family Trust is committed, and aknowledge the prevention, protection and early detection of abuse and / or neglect of children and young people.